VEGGIEfestival Amsterdam

Eat yo veggies at NDSM Warf

Your mom told you before: ‘Just eat your veggies, kid. Greens make you strong like Popeye’. During VEGGIEfestival, 15,16 and 17th of June, you will get that green fix. But not in a bad way. Think burgers, BBQ’s, taco’s, mezzes and cake. Yes, we said it. Cake.

Three days a party

Going to the festival on Friday will be the best activity after a long workweek. You didn’t work this week? That’s fine. Just come and drink anyway. I mean eat. Eat vegetables. But everything tastes better with a drink in your hand, right?!
We quote the festivals founders: ‘Liquid dinner, why not?’.
Also, on Friday, Vivera will launch the first ever plant based steak. It supposed to taste exactly like the real deal. Hurray for science!

Saturday will be an all day-party. With live music of course. Sunday is family-day. Or hangover-day. Whatever suits you more. While the festival entertains your kids, you can go for a quick cleanse in the veggie-juice corner. Or … not and eat another one of those juicy burgers. We’re not judging.

Tickets and info

The early bird tickets are already sold out, unfortunately, but for only 9,90 euros you can eat your way through VEGGIEfestival anyway. Get your tickets and more information on the website.