Hidden gems of Amsterdam

If you are a tourist in Amsterdam, you might go straight to Madam Tussauds or the Rijksmuseum. We all know the Red Light District and where to get the best weed or magic mushrooms. But Amsterdam has so much more to offer you! Places some residents don’t even know about (yet)… 

The Otherist

The Otherist is a modern version of the Cabinet of Curiosities. The video speaks for itself, let your inner-geek take over and be amazed by this mix-and-match of science and… cool stuff.

Pieter & Tosch 

Another conceptstore, in one of our favorite neighborhoods: the Baarsjes. They handpicked everything they sell in the shop themselves during their many travels, mostly coming from small, independent brands they love. You will definitely succeed at buying original presents here.

De Laatste Kruimel

In the heart of Amsterdam, just a 10 minute walk from central station, you’ll find De Laatste Kruimel. A super small, super cozy lunchroom where they serve the bést patisseries, scones, quiches and sandwiches. Made with love, so you will eat until ‘the last crumb‘ (English for ‘de laatste kruimel’). In summer you can sit outside and enjoy the view of boats and ducks passing through the canal.


If you are a vegan, or maybe just a curious vegetarian, you can sooth your sweet and or savory tooth here! Vegabond offers you a wide range of delicious foods. Vegan donuts? Yasssss please! The lunchmenu contains meals like spring rolls, wraps and soups, and they serve a mean oat-cappuccino. If you feel inspired to get some vegan cooking on at home, they got you covered as well. Vegabond is a store too! We would personally recommend the Amsterdam-made vegan cheeses. Finally a cheese platter you can enjoy!

The Wine Cellar 

You’ve probably seen the Nieuwe Kerk (the New Church) already. But did you know that you can visit the catacombs under the church as well? Even better: you can drink your daily dose of wine there! What is there not to love?!

NDSM Werf and Pllek

In the Northern part of Amsterdam, which you get access to via a (free!) ferry, you’ll find the NDSM-wharf. An industrial, creative place filled with artspaces and restaurants. Go to ‘Pllek‘ when the sun is out: you will have a really nice view across the IJ-canal! If the sun is not out; just have fun wondering around and exploring the site.

One of our favorites is Sexyland society: a nightclub that changes owner 365 times a year. Originally wanting to open in a former sex club in the Red Light District, the founders (Eddie the Eagle Museum) were faced with isolation troubles. They changed location but took the name of the previous building with them, giving the red light district a run for her money.

Maybe good to know: this is no longer a sex club!

Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam

You are known for your green thumb? You like exotic plants like Pooh Bear likes honey? Go to the Hortus Botanicus in the east part of Amsterdam, near the zoo (Artis). A perfect spot for a romantic first (or second or third) date, or to expand your flower-knowledge. The garden covers more than one hectare of ground and contains more than six thousand (!) tropical plants and trees, ready to be admired. If you’re tired of plants, you can visit Artis, next door. You’ve seen the flora, next up: fauna!

TonTon club and PUCK

Do you like to play games? TonTon club is an arcade hall in Amsterdam West. The Westerpark, to be exact. You can channel your inner winner here: playing air hockey as much as you like, be the best Princess Peach you can be, or play some vague Japanese dancing game.

Wait. Did I mention air hockey? The TonTon owners recently opened their 3rd location. It is not called TonTon, but PUCK. Why PUCK, you ask? Well, PUCK is the largest (and only) airhockeyhall in Europe. The greatest thing about this place is that you can drink a beer and get yourself some food when you’ve become tired and hangry of all the winning. 

Here you go, some of the hidden gems of Amsterdam. You have got to catch ’em all!