Gay Pride 2018

It’s that time of the year again. We celebrate love, equality and the LHBTQ+ community goes all out to show everyone how awesome they are. Where do they throw the best parties and how are you going to experience the Gay Pride the best?

The Gay Pride 2018 will be celebrated the whole weekend, starting August 3rd until August 5th.


Thé need-to-be-street in Amsterdam during the Gay Pride. This is the ‘pink’ district of Amsterdam so prepare for a huge dose of party, fun and a lot of exciting outfits.

This street is hosting two big parties: the Secret Village Street Party (Westside) and the Caribbean Street Party (Eastside). Are you going for glitter & glam or for Caribbean vibes?

When the night sets in you can go inside one of the many gaybars to continue partying.

Drag Olympics

The 14th (!) edition of the International Drag Olympics will be held on Friday the 3rd at Homomonument (near Westerchurch). It’s open for al drags, kings and queens. Make- up available but bring your own wigs and heels. The games include Stiletto Sprint, Handbag Toss, Bitch Volleyball, among other things. Awesome, we can’t wait.

Prik Pride Street Party

The Spuistraat, near Damsquare also is a very popular bar street. It will be open this whole weekend for partying, street foods and love. Hosted by the most popular gaybars in Amsterdam, the Prik Pride Street Party is surely going to be legendary again. Prosecco and cocktails are served inside of Prik Bar. The whole street will be traffic-free for two days, so enjoy it while you can!

Canal Parade

This is probably the event why you came here. We can’t blame you, it is awesome. This year, the focus will be human rights mostly, with boats coming from all sorts of (surprising) companies: the Dutch police, the city of Amsterdam, COC, Amnesty International, Google, Ministry of Defense and many more.

Lock Amsterdam

Lock Amsterdam is not hosting parties, but if you want to lose your luggage, and come in for more information, you are most certainly welcome! We can not only give you information on how to get where, but also about where to be and other fun tips ‘n tricks about the City. Come by and drop your luggage with us!