Dinnerdate Spots in Amsterdam

It’s datenight, but you and your love are not on the same diet-level, hmm. How to fix this? We’ve got you covered with these nice dinnerdate-spots. The way to the heart is through the stomach, they say…


With veggies as the main-ingrediënt of each meal, YERBA suits your inner-rabbit. But this food is way too good and awesome to feed to your rabbit. You might know headchef Walter Marskamp if you’ve been to either Lotti’s (The Hoxton) or Staring at Jacob. In that case, you already know you are in for a treat. If not: let us tell you something. Sustainability is something YERBA loves, so every product that’s on your plate is home-produced or at least local. Meat and fish are also on the seasonally-changing menu, what makes tonight your ultimate flexible carni-herbi dinner!

Ps. Don’t you just love their website? We collectively want to have dinner with their web-/graphic designer.

Morris & Bella

Well, if this isn’t a good date-location, we don’t know what is. Morris and Bella themselves are the cutest couple we’ve ever seen. Bella, officially Annebel, and Morris, officially Maurice, met in a restaurant (he was a dishwasher, she a waitress), fell in love and never looked back.

This will not be a surprise, but: Greens are the base of everything the restaurant serves. You can add your daily animal proteïn, but they will charge you for it. The wines are vegan, the teas are delivered by bike and everything else is local, sustainable and animal friendly as possible.

One of the most notorious critics of Amsterdam rated Morris&Bella with an 8+, saying “The greens are so damn good, you don’t need any meat. You can order it, but you won’t need it.”

Vegan Junkfood Bar

Okay, do not lie to us: you like junkfood. Your date likes junkfood. We all love junkfood. But yeah, snacks are meat, sauce for fries contains eggs, it’s not all that simple. But wait, it is!

We are happy to introduce you to our favorite snackbar ever: the Vegan Junkfood Bar! The nuggets are made of seaweed, the ‘kapsalon’ (hair salon in English… yes we know it’s weird. Just call them ‘loaded fries’.) is made with vegan shawarma and cheddar and they even serve the famous Dutch ‘bitterballen’!

The interior is cool and bro’ish, with bright colors and a lot of graffiti, the food is awesome and delish’. Go there or be square!


ManaMana is a small Israeli place in the heart of Amsterdam. They serve traditional Israeli dishes which are from origin vegan-/vegetarian-friendly. The fun thing to do here is order everything on the menu and then share with your date. You have to try ALL the hummus. And the eggplant (the same critic as above said about this:  ‘lovingly squished and smokey’). And the cauliflower with a lottttt of tahin. If you love Ottolenghi, you will love this place. For the omnivores among us: there is kebab. GO!

If you can’t get enough of the hummus, we’ve found two other awesome places for you.

The Lebanese Sajeria

Try the flatbreads, please.

Sir Hummus

According to them, they serve ‘crap-free’ hummus and pitta’s with ‘delicious toppings and other goodies’. Need to say more?