City Challenge Amsterdam

If it’s your first time in Amsterdam, and you want to explore the city, it might be a bit overwhelming. Because where do you start? With a City Challenge Amsterdam- iPad in your hands, ofcourse.

City Challenge Amsterdam is a superfun game in which the iPad leads you through a big part of Amsterdam. While discovering nice places you can do fun challenges and assemble as much points as you can.
Some challenges are small, like the ‘count the differences between these two pictures of the Magna Plaza’-one, and some are bigger and involve, for example, some running.

We tried the City Challenge for you, and let’s just say that we burned a lot of calories by running for guys who want to ‘catch’ you and your assembled points, by walking around the beautiful city centre and by laughing our asses off, because that’s how much fun we had.

And this is our proof.

City Challenge Amsterdam

So, what are you waiting for? Challenge yourself and get alllll the points! Who knows you’ll end up in the topranking and receive a small present. Either way, you will have fun and most importantly, discover our beautiful Amsterdam.

If you want to play the City Challenge but have all your luggage with you, don’t worry. You can drop the luggage at Lock Luggage Storage (open from 09:00-22:00) and that is also the place where you pick up your iPad. Winning!

For more information about City Challenge Amsterdam and how it works, visit the City Challenge Amsterdam website.