Amsterdam in a day

How to make the most out of your first 24 hours

Amsterdam is great. We all know that by now. Want to get food? Want to spend all your money? Amsterdam has got you covered. But where to start? Here are our favorite spots, to make the most out of your first day in The City.


Welcome! You must be so hungry. Lucky you, the city centre of Amsterdam is packed with nice, cozy spots to have some good breakfast and coffee. Because that’s exactly what you need right now, of course.

If you arrive at Amsterdam Central station, you just walk straight on, until you pass the police station. Across the station, you’ll find VINNIES. It is our go-to when we need comfort food in the (early) morning. The staff is nice, the coffee is strong and the sandwiches are thick. You can fix your sugar cravings by getting yourself some good old banana bread or brownies. Looking for something somewhat healthier? Try the avocado-hummus sandwich. Made with love!

Also, while you’re here:  you can store your bags at Lock Amsterdam! The people working there are very nice and willing to help you find your way around the city!



Now that you are re-energized, you can go satisfy that brain of yours. Walk on untill you cross a church on your left hand. This is the New Church. Every now and then there will be expositions, such as the World Press Photo exposition (starting the 14th of April). Right now you can visit ‘Gazing Ball’. The artist Jeff Koons repainted Perugino’s Madonna and Child with Four Saints, by adding a smooth cobalt-blue glass ball. When else are you going to see such inspirational work in a church?


You can take a tram, or you know, walk (across the beautiful canals), to the Pijp. One of Amsterdam’s most vibrant and bohemian districts. You can call it Le Quartier Latin of Amsterdam. Here, you find the (in)famous Heineken Experience, lots of small cafés and restaurants and independent boutiques.

But what you’re really here for is the Albert Cuypmarket. Ever heard of Stroopwafels (caramel waffles)? No? Shame on you. It’s a typical Dutch treat and on the market you can get them freshly made. Imagine: a warm crunchy waffle with the caramel still soft and drippy… GO! The Albert Cuypmarket attracts a lot of locals and people living in the neighborhood shopping for their daily groceries. So you’ll find yourself listening to an vegetable-selling man who tells you his whole life story in no time. This is the freshest lunch you’ll get! Take it to the Sarphati Parc for a nice slow picnic.


You are close to the part where the rich and famous live. Where they shop, eat, do cultural stuff, and relax: the Museumquarter. 

You know Van Gogh? You know Rembrandt? Their museums are all in the same place. Go to Museumplein to visit them. And then, visit our favorite: Moco MuseumIn here you can discover modern art. If Jeff Koons inspired you this morning, then expositions of Banksy and Andy Warhol will not bore you one minute. Right now Roy Lichtenstein, the man who threw with paint, is back after 50 years. Buy tickets online, because the lines for the ticket registers can be very long.

If you like to get some more shopping in, go to the P.C. Hooftstraat. You want a Chanelbag? Or a new high-quality suit? If you have spend all of your money already, you can always go window-shopping. Just as much fun, but without the pain of seeing your wallet getting empty.


Time for drinks! You deserve it.

For the ultimate Amsterdam-pub experience, go to Cafe De SpuytThe cafe is located near Leidseplein and serves more than a hundred different kinds of (craft) beer. Mostly Dutch or Belgium- the best kinds. Beer lovers, eat … euh drink your heart out! Quite often they host events like beer tastings or pubquizzes. If you ace the quiz, you get to walk out without having to pay your bill!


It might be smart to get some food now. You can continue drinking after you filled up your stomach with something non-liquid.

*Café de Spuyt
*The Fat Pie

For your dinner, go to one of the last, but certainly not the least district of Amsterdam: Old West. Here, you can find the Foodhallen. An industrial space with a mish-mash of different kinds of food trucks, and an inside cocktail- and craftbeer bar to top it off. If you prefer a proper dining situation, go to the recently opened The Fat Pie. Formerly known as Flemish-oriented café-restaurant Fier, The Fat Pie is already very popular under the local residents. The Fat Pie serves you New York-style flavors with their signature pies, burgers and pizzas. It’s American comfort food with a Dutch twist. Trust the chefs to put all their effort and love in the best fa(s)t food you’ll experience during your 24 hours in Amsterdam! You’re not here to act like a health-guru.


You still have energy left? You want to lose all those calories you just consumed? Dancing is the way to go. Now you finally get the chance to experience Amsterdam’s Leidseplein. A must-do for tourists. If you shiver at hearing these words, do not worry. A lot of locals find their way to the cool hipster clubs as well. So. Avoid tacky “bars” like Hooters or Burgerking (Ha. Who are we kidding. At 3:00 in the night you will find yourself here, won’t you?) and go to The Chicago Social Club for a night out with the young, hip and handsome. Or, go to Sugarfactory for a night out with either electronic/house/techno music. On Sunday, they celebrate their weekly Wicked Jazz Sounds night. An evening filled with live jazz music and dancing!

*Chicago Social Club