Want to enjoy Amsterdam to the fullest? Save time and money with skip the line tickets and secure payment for all museums and attractions. Use Peliqan to guide you trough this wonderfull city and explore our hidden gems. You can be inspired by their suggestions, which are based on time, location and the weather.

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A. Start from Central Station and walk on to Damrak towards Dam Square

B. Take the first right on Damrak: Haringpakkerssteeg

C. Turn left into Nieuwendijk (shopingstreet)

D. Turn right into Nieuwe Nieuwestraat (at Berskha clothing store)

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Gay Pride 2018

It's that time of the year again. We celebrate love, equality and the LHBTQ+ community goes all out to show everyone how awesome they are. Where do they throw the best parties and how are you going to experience the Gay Pride the best? The Gay Pride 2018 will be celebrated the whole weekend, starting...

VEGGIEfestival Amsterdam

Eat yo veggies at NDSM Warf Your mom told you before: 'Just eat your veggies, kid. Greens make you strong like Popeye'. During VEGGIEfestival, 15,16 and 17th of June, you will get that green fix. But not in a bad way. Think burgers, BBQ's, taco's, mezzes and cake. Yes, we said it. Cake. Three days...

Bacchus Winefestival

Winetasting in the Amsterdamse Bos Hurray! An ode to the juice of the gods, wine! If you don't agree with us, explain why wine has it's own god, Bacchus? This weekend and the next, 8,9,10, 15, 16 and 17th of June, Bacchus Winefestival will celebrate wine in all it's colors and flavors down at the...